Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Stop Your Yahoo Groups E-mail From Bouncing

How to Stop Your Yahoo Groups E-mail From Bouncing

First off, keep your account clear. ALL folders count towards the total allowed storage. This is especially important if you are going on vacation. If you go away, your e-mail box will fill up, and your local internet provider's mail server (machine that processes your e-mail) will start rejecting all your mail. If you are going on vacation, it's best to go to the YG web site, and set your subscription option to "Special Notice."

Occasionally when your e-mail account gets e-mail, it will say, "What do you think I am, an e-mail account?" Then it will dribble your new mail and "bounce" it back to where it came.

Of course, you may not know this. All you'll know is that you're not getting your mail.

If you're not getting mail from Yahoo Groups, one thing you can try is to check your "Bounce Status."

Here's how to do that.

1. In the url (address) window near the top of your computer screen, type in this address:

2. On the right side of your computer screen, choose the
link "Bounce history."

3. Now you should be on a page that shows your bounce status. If it says you're not bouncing, then that's not your mail problem. If your mail is bouncing with Yahoo Groups, there will be information on how many times it's bounced and why.

4. If your mail is bouncing, there should be a link or a "radio button" (rectangular grey button) that you can choose to reset the bouncing.

NOTE: In order for this solution to work, you must do one of two things. Either empty your e-mail in-box, and/or mark your mail as "read," using your e-mail program. E-mail often "bounces" because your e-mail "storage space" with your local internet service provider has filled up.