Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to embed pictures into Gmail

You can embed pictures into Gmail. It takes a few steps to do it. Whether it's worth the effort is up to each person.

In your Gmail go to the top left of your screen and see where it says the words Gmail Calendar Documents Photos

Click on Documents and a new Window called Google Docs will open up for you see below

Now click on where you see New and a pull down window will appear

Click on Document and a new Window will open named Untitled Google Docs

Next Click on the Insert Tab and a Menu will open with this window.......Click on Image in the horizontal menu and a small Dialogue box named Insert Image will open up

Now .......with this dialogue box open you will click on browse and look for the Image on your computer or from the Web that you wish to send as a Preview.........once you find the image click on it and then click open ....your image url will show up in the upload space next to the Browse you will click on the insert image button at the bottom of the dialogue box

As you can see below I have chosen a signature tag as my image to insert

Next you will Copy this image by selecting it Ctrl A and then copying it Ctrl C or right click and copy........
You will then come back into your Gmail and click on Compose Mail and a new e-mail message will open.........
Paste (Ctrl v ) your image into the body of your email message like so...........
Once you have done that you can now attach the file that coincides with your preview that you would like to share with your groups.......

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