Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Record Streaming Internet Radio Stations Online

One of the things that I’ve grown accustomed to in iTunes is listening to the streaming radio stations. When you go through an entire work day sitting in front of your computer it’s nice to have a variety of music at your fingertips without needing to assemble your own playlists. Wouldn’t it be nice, however, if you could record some of the songs so that you can listen to them later on?

A few days ago Download Squad dug up an online service that will do just that. Chilirec is completely free, and once you signup you’ll be ready to roll. During the signup process you’ll be prompted to choose from hundreds of online radio stations (many are the same as the ones in iTunes and other media players) that you want to record from. After about 5 minutes the songs will start rolling in from the radio stations that you selected, and you’ll be able to create playlists out of the songs that are being played.

One interesting thing that I noticed is that you can save any song in your playlist to your computer simply by right-clicking on it as seen in the screenshot above. It will be stored in MP3 format which means it shouldn’t have any troubles playing on external devices.

The service is actually pretty incredible. After a little while you’ll be able to start searching/sorting all of the songs that have recorded, and after 2 days it will automatically start putting together “toplists” that show what the most frequently played songs are on the radio stations you listen to. Very cool.

The downside? Yeah, unfortunately there is one. I’ve noticed that some of the songs don’t get “clipped” at the right time. That’s because some of these online radio stations change the “now playing” information (artist, song title, etc…) before the songs actually end. I’m sure there are some radio stations out there that don’t do this, but a lot of the ones I listen to do. It’s definitely worth checking out though.

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