Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Koobface Worm threat

The email at bottom is real. So is the "Koobface Worm," now circulating via Facebook.
Check this link for a quick rundown:

If you have a non-Mac PC, please be forewarned!
This is from CNN's web site page. It was also on CNN today. I checked and double checked to make sure this was not only true but current.

It's new, it's bad and it not only includes Facebook but all other 'social sites'.

Click on below, listen, watch and be very careful before clicking on any video.
You don't have to belong to Facebook, etc., to be hit with this virus.
If someone forwards you a video that came from Facebook, etc., then you've been hit.

Hope you all find this useful and you might want to forward it on also.
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