Thursday, April 23, 2009

Embed powerpoint presentations into your website using Google Docs

Presentation is the prime way to success, be it in a website or in business or in real life. A nice way would be to publish your powerpoint presentation to your company website, so that you can make an impression that you are not talking crap but are serious about your work.

For embedding a powerpoint presentation on your website, Go to Google Docs and upload your presentation, then click on share and you will get the embed code.

I used this method to do an online presentation for my dad’s company website, where the presentation is embedded on the page. See example.

As mentioned, your customers will be able to read the presentation online, without downloading the files. Along with this you can leave a link to download the actual powerpoint file and leave a nice impression of professionalism on your customer/visitor.


There is another site which is quite good for sharing power point presentations, and embedding them in various sites - it is
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I have been using google docs for some time now and i really find it useful especially when i need to go somewhere and need to access my files. With google docs you never need to think about the compatibility of your files when you use other computers because you can already edit, share and do a lot of things right there… It’s like having your own personal computer anywhere and anytime.

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