Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to Shut Windows down in the blink of an eye

OK. I think most of people do not know this method. They can actually shut down their Windows XP in a blink of an eye. No I am not joking! And the fact is you don't need any software's or updates or anything to do this. I'll show you step-by-step.

[Note: This method only works in Windows XP]
1. Click Crtl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard.

By doing this you will get a Dialogue box.

2. In this dialogue box click Task Manager.

3. Close all your programs.

[Read Carefully Now]

4. Click on the Shut Down Menu.

There is this List showing "Stand by" "Hibernate" "Turn Off".........

5. Press and hold the Ctrl Key [Control Key] on your keyboard and click on "Turn Off" [note: do not release the Ctrl key from your keyboard]

click on turn off by pressing and holding ctrl key on your keyboard

OK. That's all !

Its safe to turn off your UPS

There you go. The computer is already shut downed.