Tuesday, April 6, 2010

IIS Smooth Streaming in Silverlight 4

by Sock Puppet
Silverlight 4 should be out of beta very soon, Scott Guthrie will launch Silverlight 4 at the Silverlight Conference in Las Vegas on April 12, so it should be available for the consumer too (or soon after). I strongly encourage everyone to update to version 4 (linked here for your convenience).

(IMO I strongly recommend you first uninstall silverlight 3 or earlier before installing version 4, its not required... but I've always believed in doing clean installations.)

The improvements and new technologies in 4 are really worth it. For instant watching, the improvements to adaptive streaming and use of IIS smooth streaming made a tremendous improvement to the quality.

I hope that Netflix incorporates (if they have not already) all the tools into their own player, the one tool makes seeing data much easier and informative.

Click here to see a sample of smooth streaming video where you can also play with the stream to see how nicely the adaptive functions work. If anything its a cute video and I suggest watching it all the way to the end, cause its funny after the credits roll.

The video is also a convenient tool to test your PC/Mac to see how strong the connection is and how consistent it is as well, which is why I hope Netflix adds the tools to their player.

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