Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Projector!

Smartphones can do amazing things, and one of the best things about them is that they can play videos, whether from youtube or from files you've transferred to them. The only problem with that is the small screen size, that makes it uncomfortable to watch anything for more than a few minutes.
And what happens when you want to show a special clip or video you took to a group of other people? It's not fun to huddle and squint. For that reason, we bring you this simple DIY project anyone can make, and it'll turn your ordinary smartphone to a real life projector!

What You'll Need:

Shoe box
Magnifying glass
paper clip
Cutting knife
sticky tape
black paint (optional) 

smartphone projector

Find the exact center of the box (important for focus). Now place the center of the magnifying glass at the exact center of the box and mark the spot.
smartphone projector

Use the knife to cut around the mark.  

smartphone projector

Optional - color the box black.

Enter the magnifying glass in the hole created and set it in place with the sticky tape. 

smartphone projector
smartphone projector

Make a hole at the edge of the box and pass the charger cable through it.
smartphone projector

Use the paper clip to make a little stand for the smartphone. Then, using the sticky tape, connect the stand you made to the box. 

smartphone projector
smartphone projector

To prevent the picture to be mirrored, you'll need to turn the screen around. It doesn't really ruin the experience but it will change the direction of everything, and if you have subtitles, they won't display right.

iPhones have this function in the settings (Settings - General - Interface - touch). If you have an android phone, you can download an app called 'picture flip' that will do the same thing. 

smartphone projector

Close the box, point it at the wall and check if the focus is right. If not, move the stand until you find it. 

smartphone projector

That's it! Now you can watch and show others youtube videos, clips, tv or movies from your smartphone projected on your wall!
smartphone projector



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