Friday, August 14, 2009

The Easiest way to Unlock Password Protected PDF Files

You might have heard of many softwares and apps (like PDF Unlocker) that guarantee to crack open password protected PDF files. In case those apps don’t work for you or you want a simpler way to open protected PDF files, here is a simple trick.

In this trick I will show how you can open a password protected PDF file without using any extra software and by using just your Gmail account.

Here is how you should proceed to open a password protected PDF file:

* Login to your Gmail account
* Click on “Compose Mail”
* Add the password protected PDF file to the email as an attachment.
* Give your own email in the sender address
* Send email

You will now receive the email with the attachment. You can open this attachment as a HTML file without entering password. In case you are not familiar with opening a document in html mode using Gmail, you can read it here.

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