Friday, August 14, 2009

PrettySlide: Turn your FaceBook Photo Albums into a Photo Slideshow

The most convenient way to view photo album is by using ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons for changing photo. This is where a photo slideshow comes in very handy. Now if you wish to apply the same convenience to your FaceBook photo albums, you can use PrettySlide.

Named as PrettySlide, it is a web based FaceBook app that lets you turn any of your FaceBook photo albums into a neat and customizable slideshow. There is no need of registration. Just head over to PrettySlide website and login to your FaceBook account using FaceBook connect. Now choose a FaceBook album which you wish to create a slideshow of. Choose one of the five different slideshow themes available and there you go.
You will now be given a permanent URL for the slideshow you created. You can share this URL to let others view your FaceBook photo album in a slideshow. The style of the slideshow can be changed even after creation. Besides, PrettySlide also lets you create photo slideshow from only certain photos rather than a whole album.

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