Friday, August 14, 2009

Listen to the latest music tracks from different cities around the Globe

Here is an awesome service for music lovers around the world. Named as, it lets you listen to the latest music tracks from cities across the globe. uses SoundCloud to collect latest music tracks submitted by users of different cities. Just head to website and you will be shown a flash interface where you will see hundreds of tracks from 32 cities across the world.
To listen to the music tracks from a city, just click on the city name. The city block will thence expand and you will see top 8 tracks from that city. Clicking on a track name will start playing it.
In case you would to download track that you liked here, just click on the yellow colored double arrow head present beside the track name. Clicking the yellow colored double arrow head will take you to the SoundCloud page where the track is originally saved. You can then download the track from there.

Just head to and hang on for some minutes to enjoy the music from cities around the globe.

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